Trousers #1

Posted on: April 28, 2008

Trousers #1 – Sailor Pants (Burda Style ‘Nichola’)

This is one of the many things I got up to this rainy Anzac Day long weekend.

I finished off my first pair of women’s trousers. I think they’re pretty damn nifty! Like, if I saw these in a store I would totally buy them đŸ˜‰

It is also my first attempt at using one of the many fantastic, free patterns available on Burda Style. What an incredible website.

So this website has lots of free patterns. Lord knows how they do it and keep it going but it’s great because the patterns are contemporary, but with some retro influences. They put great photos up of creations and members log in and put up photos of what they have created too. It really helps develop your imagination of what you can create with a pattern. Some of the photos they have on the packets of commercial patterns can be so off putting! I don’t know about you but I find it really hard when I walk into a fabric store, and am confronted with just rolls and rolls of fabric as far as the eye can see, and imagining what any of it would look like as a garment. So I find clicking through the pages of Burda Style really educating and helps me see fabric and colour combinations I never would have thought of myself.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. This is the pattern I used: Nichola Trousers

I got the fabric from Rathdowne Remnants on Victoria Street, Brunswick. Just off Lygon Street. They were having a 25% off sale this fabric got marked down from something crazy like $4 per metre to $3 per metre, so I think all up the materials for these trousers cost me about $10. Nuts huh!

I got the idea of using piping from reading through Sew U. Another great book with some great basics patterns I haven’t tried out. They’re on the ‘must sew’ list.

Hope you like them! They’re a little ‘sailor’ without going too overboard I think. I plan to wear them when I am in Paris this July.

Nichola Pants 1

Nichola Pants 2

Nichola Pants 3

Nichola Pants 4

Nichola Pants 5

Nichola Pants 6


1 Response to "Trousers #1"

Hi, I found your blog from your creations on BurdaStyle. I really love how your pants came out. The piping really looks great and makes the pants that much better! I hope you’ll keep sharing your creations.

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