Nature blushing

Posted on: May 4, 2008

Had relatively busy weekend – made a skirt… did some pottering around the vegie patch – I’ll post about those later this week. Even made it out to see a couple of gigs – it’s been ages!

This afternoon I looked outside the window at my pots of succulents and noticed they have started developing their reddish tips – I think it’s something they tend to do when it starts getting cooler. They look so pretty! It’s like they’re blushing.

I’m a bit ignorant about my collection of succulents to be honest. Most of them have been gifts – about 75% of them taken as cuttings from my Aunty Nancy’s succulent collection, and my Mum potted them up for me. Yay for free plants! They are pretty easy to look after – though, when I first got them I assumed all succulents were from the desert like cacti and therefore didn’t need to be water at all – WRONG! Of course they like a bit of water. And friends have told me they have cacti that have responded well to a bit of worm wee every now and then too. Some even prefer a bit of shade and don’t like full sun.

I must do some more reading up about them because at the moment, I don’t even know what the names of half of these guys are, which seems a bit rude really!

Succulent Collection

Succulent 2

Succulent 3

Succulent 4

Succulent 5

Succulent 6

Succulent 7


3 Responses to "Nature blushing"

What lovely pics! I absolutely love ‘hens and chicks’ think that s the right term for them, so beautiful and unique. I am not a plant person myself but garden vicariously via EFG and other gardening blogs. Glad I stopped in.

PS: Just checked out the Fitz patterns. I like the wrap skirt but am a bit confused as to how the scale on these work? Have you used their patterns? G

Oh your succulents are lovely! I love when the plants turn red from the sun! It is a job to try and I.D. all of them…there are so many different ones, and it can take over your life! LOL….but it is fun to find out too!

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