Stitching Strategies

Posted on: May 15, 2008

Oh, I haven’t done a sewing post for a wee little while! So here’s a quick one.

I am *so* close to finishing the Alexis skirt. I’ll post photos of it as soon as I have hemmed it! In the meantime here’s a nice creation of one that someone posted up on Burdastyle yesterday.

In the meantime I’m dying for a warm dress I can layer a long sleeve top and some tights with. It’s getting rather chilly here in Melbourne at the moment! This Anda pattern is the type that I wouldn’t think much of just from looking at the pattern design. But all the amazing creations up on Burda Style are really flattering and inspiring so I am going to give it a shot in a black and white check. So imagine this dress:


In this fabric:

And maybe make an obi style belt to wear it with in – what do you think… lilac? I thought a splash of colour could be good.


Similarly I plan to use this fabric:

To make this dress (all in the same material)

What do you think? – I am toying with the idea of using some red satin bias binding around the edges like you see on the dress on the pattern packet on the right, or do you think I should just go with plain white?

I was originally going to do the black and white contrast example until it occurred to me that after washing it the first time, it could just turn the white bodice into a washed out grey and that wouldn’t be a good look!


5 Responses to "Stitching Strategies"

I think the black & white (like on the envelope) would look good. If you prewash all the fabric a couple of times before you sew with them, you shouldn’t have any problems with the black making the white dingy later on.

Looking forward to seeing your creations!

I’ve made the 4790 twice, with contrast bias binding each time – blue on a red and blue floral and aqua on a pale blue and white seersucker… Hm… think I might make another now my sewing skills are better.

And the Anda dress does look good! I never looked a the user creations for it before… might have to give it a go.

So, are you taking commissions? 🙂

I think if you used red piping that would definitely give your dress a professional touch. Most impressed with what you have made thus far. Are you taking orders???

i think obi belts on the anda make the dress! i’ve made a few that way for friends, and they love it. i’ve also made the butterick, and i think it was long in the waist for me (i’m short, 5″3) so if you’re a shorty you may want to check the measurements.

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