My new musical crush

Posted on: May 18, 2008

The sun has come out after yesterday’s downpour. Elliott, however, is still unconvinced. He is one spoilt dog and he can’t even be coaxed out into the garden with us as we check on the baby native plants are going. He’s been cautiously standing by the door sticking his head just outside and staring at us like we’re crazy – IT’S COLD OUT THERE! So I thought perhaps putting on his Sherlock Holmes jacket would make him happier. What do you think?


This is weather is perfect, however, for fostering my new musical crush: SHEARWATER. They have a new album ‘Rook’ out very soon and it’s just divine. Jonathan Meiburg’s voice is just gorgeous. Alex says his vocal delivery and diction remind him of Tim Buckley and I do think he could be onto something there. The music is so dynamic and the songs range from delicate, majestic and melodic numbers and then start crashing into these strong and commanding arrangements. I do hope they tour.

Other cool things about them:

Jonathan is an ornithologist

Jonathan and bird
How cool is that! Since I discovered that I have noticed all the bird references in the songs.

The album cover looks amazing

I must find out the story behind this statue

They have a band member named Thor (!) AND he looks like a Scandinavian biker crossed with Grizzly Adams

Credit to Stereogum for alerting me to these cool facts.

I’m going to spend the rest of today putting together the 1950s wrap dress that I cut out at Thread Den yesterday. The pattern was so huge I couldn’t possibly cut it out at home, not without doing it on the floor and that would have required trying to fend off 3 x 4 legged animals from trampling on it while I tried to pin and cut the whole thing. 12 legs!

And if I get to it, I’ll also do the Anda dress which looks easy peasy really – and Oona – it’s another plaid!!


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great description of shearwater, i have to hear them. i’m so tired of my collection…

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