Posted on: May 21, 2008

Am I the only one to gets almost paralysed by choice available at fabric stores?

I find it similar to walking into a record store and all of a sudden going completely blank on anything I might want to buy.

I’ve decided I need to set myself some ground rules from now on when it comes to fabric buying.

If I don’t absolutely LOVE it I don’t buy it! I mean what is the point of sewing your own clothes if you’re not custom making things you absolutely adore right? I figure a great pattern/ fabric will stand out even in the simplest design.

Some of these designs at Duck Cloth are to die for but I have a holiday to save for.

Use up what I have first! I keep buying stuff and putting it in a crate and forgetting I have it. So I’ve taken some photos and I’m going to put some swatches in my bag to carry around with me.

Got this today to attempt my first shirt for Alex. I’ll use the Jakob pattern on Burda Style. Eep good luck to me!

Must get around to photographing the hot pin stripe trousers I made Alex this weekend too.

Also got this random cheap buy. The fabric is actually mainly solid red, with this little motif just along the bottom.

pink japanese
Have had this fabric combination sitting around almost since I just started sewing last year, with the intention of making a simple pinafore type dress with pockets. I got it from the quilting section. Anyone else ever use ‘quilting’ fabrics for clothing?

Got a STACK of this at Savers for like $12 or something – have so much of it but it’s not very wide.
Looks summery though – not sure what to do with it yet. Cute summer dress with some white piping and buttons perhaps.

Random material from Hype & Seek in Adelaide. No idea what to use this for. It looks like homeware though huh. Maybe some cute cushions for a gift or something. Or maybe I can use it sparingly for a yolk on an outfit or some thick straps or something? Hm.

This one is a bit tricky because as you can see it’s two patterns in one so not sure how to best incorporate it into a piece. I think I’ll end up sitting on this for a while but I was drawn to its strong geometric design and the colours.

I just adore this though. I think a cute little mod kinda style dress like this Heidi or this Zoe Mini though I’ll have to first be convinced I have the legs to actually pull it off!

Got both of the above two retro fabrics from Thread Den who I just keep banging on about!

This is a kimono I picked up for next to nothing at a Salvo’s one day. There’s so much fabric on it, I’m hoping I might be able to fashion some kind of maxi dress for next summer out of it.

These guys are so cute – it’s a New Zealand made quilting fabric. I was going to make it into some boxer shorts for Alex but they’re just so adorable – think I could get away with wearing it as a skirt or a top?


2 Responses to "Fabricated"

definatly rock a cow-print skirt!

Why I think I will! I’ll be sure to post a photo once it’s done.

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