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Posted on: June 1, 2008

Lordy, what a busy weekend.

Had a small dinner party on Friday night and made the ‘beef and sweet potato stew with toasted rice’. It was a success! It’s quite a sweet one but not overpoweringly so. I’d definitely make it again and everyone seemed to love it.

Alex has been marking exam papers ALL WEEKEND. Man, I don’t think people have any idea just how much work being a teacher is… except teachers that is! So I have been busying myself with other riveting pursuits such as weeding the garden (they are popping up everywhere and they all look so lush and green!) and speaking with potential new housemates.

And also finishing off this little number:

Jakob Shirt




I made it from BurdaStyle pattern for the ‘Jakob shirt’. Have I mentioned that 98% of these Burda Style patterns are completely free? Well they are.

Sewing my first shirt wasn’t nearly as difficult as I expected it to be. I think I’ve done enough pieces now that if I don’t understand the instructions I don’t freak out too much, I just figure out my own way of doing things and so far so good. Also, because Alex is quite skinny I had to grade the pattern down about 2 whole sizes which required measuring and drawing in a new pattern for most of the pieces actually. I am so pleased it all worked, and even better, it fits Alex perfectly.

It’s my second menswear item. I made some pinstripe trousers at a Thread Den class that I keep meaning to photograph. Actually Burda Style have put up a pattern for some slim fitting mens trousers that look hot! You can find them here: they are called Jochen trousers. Will have to try them soon too.


1 Response to "Moo For Men"

wow you did an amazing job – I really love how you changed the pattern direction on the cuff, yoke and pockets, it’s a really good detail. I haven’t actually made any menswear, I’m too selfish spending all my time on me instead!

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