Pattern Me Pink

Posted on: June 12, 2008

Apologies – I feel I’ve been a bit slack on the blog front of late but it’s a busy final fortnight before the big trip!

Got a few patterns half price from Spotlight on the weekend:

3823, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.

3744, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.

3504, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.

V8080, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.

I’m halfway through a dress using the top pattern at the moment, with the silver paisley material.

I must thank the lovely Melissa at Thread Den who showed me to get more out my fabric and pattern cutting. I couldn’t really get my head around it, but she showed me how if, you’re a bit short on material, if you cut pattern pieces individually rather than just fold and cut, you can maneouvre things to make them fit. I really thought I was going to be short with the amount of material I had but I actually have a fair amount left over. Hopefully should be finished the dress by the weekend so I can show you all.

And fingers crossed I might have time to make a top or to to bring to Europe with me. I want LONG FLOATY tops so those were the types of patterns I was looking for. There was another cute Simplicity Project Runway pattern I was after but they didn’t seem to have it at the store.

If you’re in Melbourne, keep your eyes peeled for the Saturday Age – A2 section. It will probably run while I am away but they are going to run a feature piece on Thread Den! They did interviews and took photos on Monday night at the store, and I was lucky enough to be invited along. I hid out in the cutting room though and managed to skip the photo shoot but still got cornered for a quick interview, wonder if anything I said will get used. I’m so used to setting up the interviews, it was odd to be doing one for a change. Nat said I should have plugged my blog but I didn’t 🙂 MOO!

Less than a fortnight til we jetset! Woohoo!


4 Responses to "Pattern Me Pink"

I like the dress pattern, but I LOVE the Project Runway pattern! I didn’t even know they were available in Australia. Oooo…. I really don’t need another blousey/ top pattern (in an objective sense. In the subjective sense I “need” that pattern).

I’m learning that, to my surprise, I have a weakness for bibbed blouses and blouses with bow-necks. I’m building quite the collection!

Oh you mean pussy bows? I love them too! I must find a pattern. I watched The Secretary on DVD last year and found myself buying pussy bow shirts and dresses. The dresses looked a little frumpy on me – I think you need to be skinny, and able to wear heels to pull it off! Neither of which I can do. Dang!

And I wore the shirt with a pencil type skirt to work one day and got paid out on by my bosses – BAH! What do they know about fashion?!


I was working on pattern V8080 Top E with this beautiful turquoise and gold indian fabric, but I had to stop. I simply do not understand the 9th instruction for Top E. Could you help me?

Ah don’t you just hate that! Have you managed to figure it out yet? I haven’t made that specific top.

One thing I learnt from doing sewing classes with teachers is that they rarely make the pattern step by step, word for word the way the instructions tell you to. It’s completely fine to adjust if you don’t understand them! Just try and figure out what they are trying to achieve and sometimes there is a better way of doing it than they tell you! Sometimes the instructions are just unnecessarily fiddly.

Hm just read it myself and yes uh sounds very fiddly with this ring business! Have you tried just basting the bits together that you think they are trying to say to sew together?

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