Flight freaking

Posted on: June 14, 2008

Korean Air Airbus A330-200 HL7552, originally uploaded by Lin.y.c.

So we leave for our trip next Sunday. I wish I could just be purely 100% excited at the moment without a billion small random work related things weighing on my mind. I think I’m just being a perfectionist when it comes to handover notes that might not even get read. Anyway…

This is the first time I have been overseas on my own… well I’m going with Alex but neither of us have been overseas when WE and we are alone are in charge of getting ourselves to every stage of the international journey. I’ve always just tagged behind my parents. I’m freaking out a little!

I’m a bit nervous about this whole e-ticket thing. I’ve paid thousands of dollars to the Flight Centre for Alex and my Korean Air tickets… and all I have is an emailed flight itinerary to show for it. I don’t even have any kind of print out with a barcode on it, or a flight booking number! Just my itinerary from the Flight Centre with our names on it. It makes me feel a little ill! I’m told that since everything is done electronically these days, all I need to do is rock up with my itinerary and passport and off I’ll go. But our flight leaves at 9am on a Sunday morning – and we’re aiming to get at the airport at 6am, so if something goes awry I won’t be able to call the travel agent about it! Ahhh.

Someone out there… please reassure me they’ll let us on the plane!


3 Responses to "Flight freaking"

Don’t worry, we had e-tickets for our trip to Japan and it was fine :o)

We used e-tickets to Europe in late ’05 early ’06 and it was FINE. Every single one was fine. Even though we travelled Malaysian Airlines, then EasyJet, then some peculiar Belgian airline that our agent booked us on even though my internet searches categorically stated that the airline had gone into liquidation the year before, and then Emirates.

(incidentally, the Belgian airline was very, very nice. They gave my boy and I extra after-meal chocolates because we were Australian. And probably also because we looked underfed).

Bahahaaa OK that definitely puts my mind at ease thank you!

We’re also flying Korean Air who I have never flown with before but I’ll just channel your experience with the Belgian airline if I start to get worried!

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