Do a little drain dance for me, would ya?

Posted on: June 16, 2008

Muddy Hell, originally uploaded by kagey_b.

OK so rain is SHOWERS are predicted for the Friday of Glastonbury at least. It’s to be expected, I mean, doesn’t it rain like at least every second day in England?

If it’s something like this above, I can handle. I handled it at Splendour In The Grass (MUD!) a couple of years ago, but I didn’t have to pitch a tent in it. I came prepared with some pretty polka dotted gumboots and they did me just fine though I had the sorest calves for a week later and it took me a while to realise it was because of the incredible workout they got from pulling my feet out of the sucking mud with each step.

However, if it ends up being more like this I am just going to DIE:

Glastonbury 2005, Day 1, Flood, originally uploaded by English Invader.

I’ve put up a little Glastonbury weather forecast widget on the blog, so you can watch my demise.

I eyed some wet look vinyl material stuff at Spotlight the other week, for $18 a metre – you know, the kind they use for costumes and stuff. I am wondering if it is waterproof and if it’s worth grabbing some to make a BRIGHT quick poncho out of? I’d be easy to spot, that’s for sure! But I’m too busy this week really. Gawd, how to keep warm and dry in those conditions? I might have to hit a fishing store for one of those wet weather overalls that come up to your armpits. Mm mmmmm.


3 Responses to "Do a little drain dance for me, would ya?"

Dear God… make that poncho NOW :o)

Please camp on a hill! And an air-bed makes sleeping much easier.
Other useful things: ear plugs, wetwipes, a scarf (to hide unwashed hair), thermals and wellies.
And, I haven’t tried this one, but there’s a device called a she wee which enables you to wee standing up!!

Thanks for the tips Issie! They all sound like great tips. Yes, not looking forward to using festival toilets urgh,

Will see if I can pick up a cheap air-bed in London!

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