Leaving On A Jet Plane…

Posted on: June 18, 2008

leaving on a jet plane, originally uploaded by vanilla_coquelicot.

Just one more day of work yippee! And then p-p-p-packing.

I’ve decided to be sensible.

I won’t over pack.

I’ll stick to a colour scheme so it’s easy to mix and match and I can always buy clothes over there 🙂

But I am still going to pack a couple of summer dresses. And, I’ve decided to take the plunge and bring our big ole bulky polaroid camera and bought a stack of polaroid film on ebay to bring with us. It’ll take up some room but seriously – this is my last chance to spend a summer in Europe in my 20s and I keep imagining how cool a display of polaroids from the trip we could make when we return 🙂

Still freaking about Glasto weather though. I swear, the forecast changes drastically each day bah!

Any packing tips?
Any MUST PACK items you always have on hand?
Any favourite on-flight outfits for maximum comfort?

We have an overnight stay in Seoul and will have to live out of our hand luggage because our checked in luggage will be kept to be put straight on our flight the next day. Hoping to hit at 24 hour shopping mall I have heard they have there, and pick up some cheap comfy shoes. I think these are cute as far as sneakers go:

Adidas Handbags For Feet, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.

Adidas Grün, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.


2 Responses to "Leaving On A Jet Plane…"

I just got here two seconds ago and already i’m jealous! Great idea to take polaroids. There is no art or skill to packing only luck and you can always buy what you forget to take.

People always look great in Poloroids, why is that?

As for packing tips…. always pack your toothbrush, pairs of spare undies and socks , and deodorant IN YOUR CARRY-ON luggage. Just in case.

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