A girl needs to be pampered

Posted on: June 20, 2008

vegetable face, originally uploaded by Donna Lethal.

Lots of cleaning and packing today and tomorrow, but a little bit of pampering too. I’m exhausted and can’t turn up at the UK office looking a wreck. Afterall we’re getting the all star treatment – getting put up in a nice hotel in South Kensington AND they’re sending a car to pick us up from the airport and drop us back! Does this mean that when we arrive in Heathrow there will be someone standing around holding a sign with my name on it? I am definitely taking a polaroid shot of that!

Alex keeps crying ‘OH NO!’ when I tell him another thing they are doing for us because he is feeling the pressure to impress. He got a haircut yesterday so they won’t think too shabbily of him. I’m doing the same tomorrow morning and I won a free “oligopeptide facial” at La Clinica thanks to Michi Girl which I am having on Saturday morning. Apparently it is “an ingenious mix of amino acids that have magical anti-aging abilities that is used by La Clinica Organic Skin Bar to make you feel lovely”. Here’s hoping it’s not one of those ones that will make be break out a week later eeek.

Anyway, don’t know about you but if I am getting a new hairstyle I ALWAYS bring visuals into the hairdresser. I’m not getting a new style this time but thought I’d share my favourite website with you for photos of Asian hair: Kakimoto Arms



1 Response to "A girl needs to be pampered"

thank you thank you thank you for this link to the asian hairstyle site! ’twill definitely come in very handy for me next time i visit the salon. 🙂

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