Mastering the über pack

Posted on: June 21, 2008

Wow, the lady who put flickr’d this pic of how she packs for ‘any length trip in under 10 pounds’ has it down PAT.

I can do this I can do this.

I figure we will have laundry facilities at our apartment in Montmartre and apparently a really cheap washing service at the Pensao Praca Da Figueira we are staying at in Lisbon so I just need a couple of tops, couple of pants and couple of gorgeous summer dresses and I’ll be set!

It’s more the laptop, camera, chargers, polaroid camera and boxes of film, sleeping bags and rain coats for Glastonbury that I’m wondering how to compress. Hmmmmm.

Not long til this though:


2 Responses to "Mastering the über pack"

i just caught myself up on everything i’ve missed since “sewing is the best procrastinator” and it was SUCH a great way to spend lunch! i laughed out loud and squealed at all the great things you are about to do (radiohead! leonard cohen! must check out my bloody valentine) i hope you are packed & ready for a wonderful trip– oh, and a plane essential for me is a pair or light cargo pants with plenty of pockets for lip balm… and anything you might need to bring to the loo that you’d rather not display to the plane 🙂

Here is my number 1 packing tip for girls: lacy undies, not cotton bonds. Both can be washed in a hotel/ hostel sink, but unlike the cotton undies, the lace ones will dry within a couple of hours.

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