Back on the green

Posted on: July 17, 2008

A La Place De Vosges, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.

Why, hello there! I’m back. We had the most fantastic time. My dream is to save up some money and live in Lisbon for 3 months over a summer. What a place.

I am happy to report that I I took loads of photos for the blog which I will be putting up in coming weeks, once I manage to edit them all, yikes.

Went fabric shopping in Paris and Lisbon. I dearly wish I had more time so I could have done some in Madrid, and especially in Seoul but I just ran out of time. Not to mention, the heat in Spain and Korea (+ humidity!) really took it out of my and my pace was about halved.

I couldn’t really find much info on the net or blogs about fabric shopping in Lisbon, and was further confused when I got there because the word ‘Fabrico’ seems to mean store or something because it was on so many shop fronts… that were clearly not selling fabric! But I did find some real gems in the end and they were so ridiculously cheap. As in – one place actually charged PER KILO for some sale fabrics. I was selective though, seeing we were already busting the seams of our luggage.

Oh and all the wonderful gardens we saw overseas as well! It’s just so green over there! So strange to be in countries that have no idea what being in a drought and having water restrictions are like. I think in England, it’d be incredible if you managed to NOT grow something. I was so jealous. They have gardens everywhere – hanging baskets EVERYWHERE, literally hanging off the lamp posts! There were even colourful raised beds in drab of railway stations. And loved travelling on the overground train and peering into everyone’s backyards and seeing so many little veggie patches. Jealous, jealous, jealous!

In other news, the day I arrived back I got an email from Burda Style saying they want to make me Feature Member on their website next week! Yippee!!! How exciting. I have a sudden urge to making a bunch of items hastily to upload on their site to make it look like I’ve done more sewing but alas I have no time. Though perhaps I could manage something seeing I still keep waking up at 4.30am, but I’m off to Sydney tonight so that’s not going to happen. I’ll at the very least show you the wonderful fabrics I purchased when I return though.

In the meantime, the photo of me above was taken in a bit of a ‘secret garden’ at La Place De Vosges – the oldest square in Paris, which we discovered during our bike tour of Paris. See what I mean? Greenery EVERYWHERE.


2 Responses to "Back on the green"

i’ve really enjoyed going through your travel posts — what an adventure! you certainly know how to make the most of your time overseas!

oh my god. per. kilo. i’m kind of dying.

welcome back! i can’t wait to see all the places you’ve been. the bike tour of paris sounds so cool!

my guy just went to chile, and they had pots of greenery on every inch of space too.

i’ll be looking for you, featured member…

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