Fabric shopping in Paris (Pt I)

Posted on: July 21, 2008

Montmartre, originally uploaded by Gina Biber.

– a cheat sheet of links

We spent a gloriously exhausting week in Paris! I almost walked my feet OFF. Well, that’s my excuse for buying six pairs of shoes whilst in Europe. But seriously, our day walking around Versailles really almost killed me.

Somehow, in the midst of running from one end of the city to the other, doing our best to catch some of the sights I have spent my entire life dreaming of seeing in person whilst still taking the time to glimpse some of the ‘real Paris‘, we managed to squeeze in just a tiny bit of fabric shopping. Especially considering what a time vacuum fabric shopping can be!

Nevertheless, I think this collated list of links could prove invaluable for future crafty visitors to the city, and my own next visit:


(’tissus’ is French for fabric)

  • Fuzzy Galore: full page guide to “Paris textile resources and fabric stores”
  • Sew Stylish: 2007 blog post on “Fabric shopping in Paris”
  • Virtual Tourist: Mariev’s Paris Shopping Tips including a brief description and links for the three biggest fabric stores in Paris including this store:
  • Tissus Reine: which I saw an ad at the metro for boasting the largest range of fabric in Paris
  • Lazy Gal Quilting: 2007 blog post on Fabric Stores in Montmartre
  • Craftster: a few suggestions on this thread
  • Textile Arts: an article on Textile Trails in Paris
  • Flickr: all sorts of drool worth images appear when you search ‘Paris fabric’ on Flickr (like this below!) and some include details of where they were purchased from

In Three Versions, originally uploaded by catslye.

Hope this list proves to be useful! My other tip is to write down addresses on paper BEFORE you leave for your trip, because no matter how much access you think you’re going to have to the net while you’re away, or if like me you even bring your laptop with you, you’re just not going to spend nor WANT to spend that much time on your computer once you’re away.

Now I’m gonna be a big ole tease and make you wait til tomorrow to see the fabric I bought from Paris. Trying to spread this out over 7 days here people!


3 Responses to "Fabric shopping in Paris (Pt I)"

Oh golly, I love that fabric in three colourways. Can’t wait to see what you got…

Hi! Thanks for the link and leaving a comment so I could find your site! It looks like you had a great time shopping in Paris! I managed to get a whole day to myself last time I was there and I was in fabric heaven!!!

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