Amigurumi = JOY!

Posted on: July 28, 2008

kawaii amigurumi *___*, originally uploaded by ::sämyii::.

Look at these would’ya! Aren’t they just divine? I want to learn how to make them, I think they are gorgeous.

I learnt a few basic crochet stitches when I was younger. My Mum was a very keen crocheter when I was younger – oh my, some of my earliest textile memories are of the ponchos, tops and bun holders my Mum made for my sister and I.

I tried to teach myself again a couple of years ago but gave up after finding it was giving me a headache because I didn’t have a decent light in the house and my cats kept attacking the balls of wool. And I have a feeling having two double jointed thumbs doesn’t help matters either, but I’m willing to give it another shot!

So I’m doing a call out to my fellow Melbourne crafties who want to sign up with me. I see that CAE have a 1 day class coming up end of August – any one game to do the class with me? I’m going to do the one on Sunday 31st August.

Yes — I know, I know I’m a complete course junkie. I love learning new stuff! I also decided the only way I can possibly survive this winter of my discontent is to DANCE! I have started an 8 week ‘Latin Funk’ class. Sure I feel like a total unco, especially watching our incredible African Brazillian instructor but hey, at least it’s fun.


2 Responses to "Amigurumi = JOY!"

i’ve shied away from crochet, but those pics make me want to learn. i would join you for both classes if i lived in your neck of the woods!

Hi, I teach the class you are interested in at CAE! Hope to see you there.

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