A Sewing Room Of One’s Own

Posted on: August 4, 2008

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I’ve spent way more hours than I care to calculate, staring at Ikea catalogues and photos on the internet for things to help me organise my sewing room. I want something a little more space efficient – the room’s only small – 3m x 3m and it’s meant to be a study/ guest room/ sewing room. And I’ve been determined to find a more affordable alternative to the $500 Horn sewing and cutting cabinets – which as amazing and space efficient and storage mind-boggling as they are, are incredibly expensive!

I have bought so much fabric since I started sewing last November, and have been storing it in plastic tubs – and pretty much completely forgetting what I have purchased until I open it to addsome more purchases! This can’t go on.

Just when I thought I had found the perfect solution at Ikea, I discovered the adjustable sawhorse table legs I wanted that would mean I could have a normal height desk that I could raise to a decent cutting height so I wouldn’t have to stoop over patterns and get a back ache every time I cut out a dress, aren’t actually being made any more. Argh! Look, it would have been perfect!:

So, I am so pleased that I just managed to buy a Craft Cutting Table on ebay that folds down, and for $40! Here it is:

My new cutting table

My new cutting table

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted. I’m trying to sell my beloved shabby chic couch to make a bit more room, and in it’s place I’m going to get a single futon sofa bed which I’ll make a custom cover for so it’s not so Ikea looking. And some serious STORAGE shelves to store my fabric in which I think will make a nice display and also inspire me to make something out of it! We also picked up a bunch of removable decorative wall stickers and bits and pieces to decorate the room and house with when we were in Paris so that will add a nice splash of colour. Watch this space!

In the meantime if you’re looking for some ideas to revamp your own sewing space here are some great links I found:

Ruler Storage and cutting table come light box (genius Ikea hack! – YES I have spent too much time staring at online Ikea. I am speaking Ikea nerd speak)

Table Talk from Sewing Diva

Craft Room: Cottage Style Ideas From IKEA from Cottage Magpie (for those with a serious budget!)

Craft Room Tour from Fuzzy Noodle Knits (I think mine is going to look more along these lines)

My New Cutting Table from Gorgeous Things’ Blog

A beautifully light and bright space from Craft Addict


8 Responses to "A Sewing Room Of One’s Own"

oh my god, that ikea table WAS perfect. i want it now, too.

but, the fold down table is probably easier to handle…

Tell me about it! I could have cried. I spent ages trying to figure out why I was in the magazine catalogue but searched and searched on the website and couldn’t find it! Oh well, there’s a new catalogue that comes out here in a couple of weeks but it’s not looking good — sounds like it’s disappeared world wide.

Can’t wait for the cutting table to arrive though! The seller is going to deliver it for me for free but in late September – they live 10 hours drive away in Dubbo, NSW!

Thanks for linking to my Blog!

Nice one! So jealous- I just spent $400 at Lincraft for my cutting table. It’s great but um yeah $40 would have been better!

[…] back on the wagon this weekend with the new additions to my sewing room courtesy of ebay: my foldable cutting table has finally arrived from Dubbo, and I also have a Janome 644D overlocker yeeharrr. First sewing project with the new tools will be […]

I lust after that Ikea table! It’s actually the one I planned to buy for my space before I decided to repurpose the folding table I use now. Still, it may come home with me eventually. If only I could talk Honey into it …

folding tables are very convenient to use specially if you have a house that lacks a large space~’*

if you are in an apartment that is confined, then folding tables would be very well suited for you “~,

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