Pretty In Paisley

Posted on: August 10, 2008

P8103740, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.

Simplicity 3823 E dress

Well, it wasn’t so bad afterall. It’s been a few months since I revisited this project. I was dreading going back to it because from memory, it ended up a slight mess. But trying it on again this weekend and looking at it again with fresh eyes, I decided it’s FINE and just needs finishing off the seams and hem and though it’s not perfect, it’s good enough to wear.

P8103746, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.

P8103745, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.

P8103743, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.

I started this dress ‘Simplicity 3823 E’ just before going overseas, as a good excuse to procrastinate packing. As usual I started out paying meticulous attention to all the details – especially seeing the fabric was so expensive, even though on sale (Japanese quilting fabric from Spotlight). But as I went on and grew impatient to finish it off and be able to try it on, I became a bit slack when it came to the bits of the dress you wouldn’t be able to see from the outside. The lining was somewhat hastily cut. The side zip laps the WRONG WAY and took some turbo steam ironing to make it close better. An invisible zip would have been much better. Sewing piping into a dress that is gathered AND has lining was a bit ambitious and took a few goes.

LINING is such a troublesome thing to cut. So next time I am going to make sure to use the tips in Burda Style’s ‘HOW TO cut slippery fabric’.

I’m definitely curious to know how the rest of you go with lining your garments. Do you always use slippery fabric for your lining or are there other good alternatives? I love a jacket with a secret prettily patterned lining cotton. I suppose it depends what your garment is made of. If it’s a summer dress, cotton on cotton may stick to each a bit and sit funny? Or perhaps a light cotton would breathe better than a man made type slippery fabric. My understanding of textiles could definitely do with some work.


10 Responses to "Pretty In Paisley"

Moo, very cool dress. Very retro. Loved your posts about Paris and Europe. I did my Europe trip in the 80’s, so I suppose it has changed a bit since I was there!

I think it’s a lovely dress. Good job!

I rarely use synthetic linings. I mostly sew cotton dresses and I don’t like to ruin the comfort of that with something hot and sticky. I usually just use the same fabric I’m making it with or a cotton of a similar or lighter weight.

I really like your dress! What pretty fabric-and it’s perfect with the style. (I admit, I’m a sucker for paisley!)
I have lined cotton dresses with cotton before…once it’s washed (the finished dress) the two fabrics tend to stick together, yes, but then they just moved as one fabric. Does that make sense? One other tip I have learned about using a cotton lining is not to sew the two fabrics together at the bottom-just hem them separately-that helps them flow better. I don’t like slick linings for summer dresses, either, the cotton lining just works and feels better.

Thanks for the tips! I am definitely going to try lining with cotton next time. I realised I have lined a dress with cotton before – my first red retro dress was self lined!

I bought a dress from (heh) a couple of weeks ago, and it’s cotton lined with cotton of the same weight. Doesn’t seem to have must sticking-to-itself problem. Well, yeah, like someone said, it does, but it just moves as one.

It’s lovely! Hopefully the weather will get better soon and you can wear it out and about!

I never use slippery synthetic or acetate lining, I find it makes me sweaty and feels horrible! Acetate’s made from woodpulp so once it gets sweaty, like a plant it HOLDS the water and doesn’t dry quickly eugheugheugheugh!!

I have used very fine lawn cotton for my linings or just omitted it altogether in favour of facings.

It looks great! I love the fabric. Lining for me is very ambitious! Great job! cindy

your dress is beautiful, I like the print and the style. Looks like the PERFECT summer dress. you can try fine silk linen, it’s so comfortable to wear

FEH to lining! who needs it! the dress looks great… isn’t it wonderful when time takes away those things that made you shudder in the first place?

I think it is quite wearable and pretty. Hm, I never sewed a lining to a dress, still quite scared of this one… And I heard some even sew linings to their pants! For that I may wait another few years…

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