Do you take milk and sugar?

Posted on: August 19, 2008


The film ‘The Edge Of Love’ is released in Australia this week and our shops are about to be flooded with pretty tea dresses in time for spring. And I, for one, can not wait! I’ll always have a little inner nanna!

I found some GORGEOUS dresses on a website for UK store Oasis only to discover they don’t ship overseas. Oh I could just cry, but that’s ok. Oasis do the dress featured at the top of this post. I adore the bow details and the fabric! They also do these:

Seeing they won’t ship overseas, I’ve decided I’m just going to have to draw on them as inspiration and make some myself! Custom fit to my measurements, skimming just above the knee so I can wear them with flats and look more fabulous than frump…
I think some adjustments to these patterns will do just the trick. I plan to have a whole new wardrobe by the time it’s warm 🙂

Butterick B6582

~~ Fancy another cuppa? ~~

History of the tea dress and how to wear it

Raise a cup of Earl Grey to the tea dress

Top 10 Tea Dresses


5 Responses to "Do you take milk and sugar?"

I can’t wait for it to warm up so was thrilled to see these dresses.

Is that Keira Knightly in that dress in that film?

I love the patterns and can just imagine the florals.

Also love the hairstyles on those vintage patterns…you have me inspired ….now where did I put those vintage patterns?

You might find some nice similar dresses at Topshop online, and they DO ship over here I’ve heard.
Funny, I’ve got both the retro Butterick and the one underneath it in my own pattern stash… really ought to make me some dresses and be a laaaaaaydee!!!!


Gorgeous dresses. I live in the UK so if you ever want to purchase from Oasis you could ship to me and I can forward it to you. I also have an Oasis Outlet near to my home where they sell off the end of season lines at a huge discount. I’ll let you know if I see any of the dresses you mentioned. I suppose that is an advantage of having opposite seasons!
Good look with your dress sewing.

That vintage dress pattern brings back memories! I’m pretty sure my mom made that same pattern for me when I was young (a million years ago), in a pretty lavendar crepe-back satin!
Too late for springtime dresses here, LOL, but I bet the Butterick dress would be pretty with a jacket.

Hey there, I made the Butterick B6582 (it’s on sewretro archives somewhere, called the Frock Lobster) and I must say it’s a CORKER. Highly recommended!

I saw that fabric in Spotty but missed out… nice score on the 5 metres! Wish I could go to the Thread Den thing tonight but I’ve got something else on. Have fun!

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