Freshly shorn

Posted on: September 6, 2008

Yesterday I got a long overdue haircut. I’ve gone for the do I hear is currently dubbed the ‘pixie mop’ recently made popular by Katie Holmes amongst others:

Katie Holmes Pixie Cut

Katie Holmes Pixie Cut

I was distraught to hear that my hairdresser is up and leaving for the UK and the salon I have been going to for the past few years (Little Buddha on Smith Street) is closing down in November! I *THINK* they’re just moving around the corner and possibly changing names – hopefully. Oh but I could just cry. It’s so hard to find a good hairdresser you can trust, who doesn’t make you chat about mundane things for the entire 40 minutes you’re there, and you can’t even tune out to the background music because it’s god awful chill out music. I love this salon because they actually play music that I would play at home, and my hairdresser just lets me read while he cuts my hair and does an amazing job of it. That’s all I want! Quit chatting and watch where your scissors are going I say!

Oh well, it will be a good excuse to try out my Korean friend who is a hairdresser and moved here from Adelaide. I hear Korean hairdressers have a really different technique with cutting and styling — I have no idea what it is but I guess I’ll find out in a few months time.

Because I’m a Capricorn and a complete nerd in all things, I always like to bring some ‘visual aids’ when I go for a trip to my hairdresser. Firstly, I like to come out of the salon actually looking like I had a haircut. Nothing worse than spending an hour there and coming out looking pretty much the same. And, how are you supposed to convey the haircut you’re after to your hairdresser with words alone? How abstract! Make their job easier I say. They’re not mind readers afterall.

I’ve mentioned my favourite Asian hair style gallery before. But in case you missed it, it’s Kakimoto Arms.

They have fantastic photos of cuts and put out a new ‘style book’ each season – lots of inspiration. If only I could read Japanese! I showed Talor the photo on the left as a guide.

Here are some other links for some other good hair photo websites I’d recommend:

FASHIONISING.COM 2008 Hair Trends: Styles, Cuts and Colours

HAIRXSTATIC ‘celebrating women’s hair at its most dramatic’ (it’s not THAT dramatic but it’s good)

AVEDA Hair Style Gallery – great photos and instructions to print out and bring to your hairdresser

HAIR BRAINED – a great hair blog


3 Responses to "Freshly shorn"

Nice doo Moo.


The dress, the corsage, the hair – supercute!

Love your hair! I have fine straight hair? Do you think this style would work with my hair? I also have a round face. I am just tired of my fine hair and don’t know what to do with it. Yours looks cute!

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