A weekend sprung!

Posted on: September 7, 2008

Such glorious weather yesterday, I spent the whole day tinkering around the yard. I love how gardening has made me so much more aware of the seasons and appreciative of the sun and the rain.

Time to take off the plant guards that have been nursing the (mostly) native tubestock since they went in, in Autumn. I decided since it’s beginning to get warmer, it’s time for them to be unshielded from the protective plastic and get some real sunshine on them.

Of course now it’s raining for 2 days but hopefully they will weather it ok and it won’t be too hard and windy.

For their efforts, I did give everything in the yard some nice fertiliser in the form of worm wee tonic (worm wee from my worm farm, diluted in water to the colour of weak tea)

Does any one have any experience using worm wee on their natives? Do they like it? Any bad experiences? I was thinking perhaps if I give them a drink of it once every fortnight throughout spring perhaps it will help with their growth – then again I have heard that natives don’t like fertiliser so does anyone know if this is a terribly BAD idea?

Some of them have come along so well over the winter months, and really exceeded my expectations. By contrast – some of them look like they haven’t grown at all!

The dwarf eucy we transplanted is doing really well with lots of new shoots but no flowers yet.
Does any one know – do eucalypts take a couple of years before they begin to flower?
Correa Fat Red is giving us some more flowers and slowly expanding

Hardenbergia Violacea (or Happy Wanderer)

Our three ever handsome Heliotrope Lord Roberts have really taken to the garden. This one has shot up and was a bit floppy when I removed the plant guard. Do you think I need to loosely stake them somewhat?

Chrysocephalum Apiculatum has grown but is looking rather leggy and messy. I pulled off the dead leaves, I’ll have to do some research to see if there’s anything I can do to encourage it to fill out a bit more – if indeed it’s supposed to look like that!

Same with our Huegelii ‘West Coast Gem’ (Native Hibiscus) – should I loosely stake this to stop it flopping about? I can not WAIT for this one to start flowering!

But these guys haven’t grown much at all. I’m guessing they didn’t receive my winter sun:

Chinese Star Jasmine

Correa Alba
On the whole though I’m very happy that things are beginning to take shape. It’s going to be a busy spring and summer as we figure out how to put in a path and indeed what to use for the path. And put up star pickets to train the climbers on. I’m so glad that we put the native tubestock in the ground in May so they could enjoy all that rain that came down over winter to get established – it seems to have worked very well!

5 Responses to "A weekend sprung!"

Hi Moo, I give worm wee tea to my native lilly pilly’s all the time. They appear to love it, and fruit well. They certainly didn’t fruit before I started feeding them this wonderful worm tonic!

BTW, love your native garden. I am glad it gives you joy.


Well, it really is true that ‘you learn something new every day’, because I had no idea worms went #1, I thought they only did #2!!!!!!!!

Hey there! What a nifty little garden! Nice work! Love that fat red correa.

Worm wee is pretty gentle stuff. I think you’re safe. The concern with natives is an overdose of phosphate, which is at low levels in many Australian soils.

Also I reckon with your tall spindly things, cutting them back is the best way to get ’em bushy. Staking them can just enable them to stay spindly. BUT now’s not the time – you don’t want to trim off flower buds or you won’t get flowers! Sometimes just removing stakes forces them to toughen up a bit.

Hi Moo, left a price for you on my blog!

I love your garden, so colourful, so neat! I have an orange flowering dwarf eucalypt that I planted in my garden about 4 years ago, and it it growing fantastically but sadly no flowers still. The plant nursery guy said its a good sign to have vigorous growth but no flowers because the tree is really taking hold, but I want some colour already!

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