You Say Potato, I say YUM!

Posted on: September 25, 2008

Apologies for falling off the blog radar. But I’ve been one busy bickie!

Getting back on the wagon this weekend with the new additions to my sewing room courtesy of ebay: my foldable cutting table has finally arrived from Dubbo, and I also have a Janome 644D overlocker yeeharrr. First sewing project with the new tools will be a new sofa cover for my Ikea sofa bed in the guest room – to make it look a little less Ikea!

Also back out in the garden, I received my package from Diggers containing some seed potatoes of the Pink Fir and Sapphire variety, and a sprouting kit. Do you think it’s too late to put the potatoes out to grow no-dig style? I hope not. I’m gonna do it anyway! Now that I’ve fulfilled my dream of growing my own sweet corn and pulling an ear and running straight to the kitchen to dunk it in boiling water, I’m not going to grow my own new potatoes for the freshest of fresh baked potatos and salads. Can not wait.


2 Responses to "You Say Potato, I say YUM!"

I LOVE Diggers! I haven’t got seeds from them, but last year I got eggplants, capsicum and tomatoes as seedlings from them (well, they sell the seeds to someone locally who grows them then sells the seedlings under the Diggers name). Such good stuff.

and i thought buying an organic yam from whole foods was a big deal. you are INDUSTRIOUS!

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