Ikea hack!

Posted on: November 3, 2008

FINALLY A SEWING POST! Apologies it’s been so long between stitches. It’s hard to make myself sit by my sewing machine when it’s warm outside and there’s gardening to do.

But I took advantage of the beautifully drizzly day to finish off this new couch cover I made for our 2 seater Lycksele ikea sofa bed.

The old cover looked like this. Bleh!:

I wanted something a bit warmer and homely to set the tone for the sewing/ guest room. And seeing we have 3 furry pets who love nothing more than snoozing on a sofa, it was imperative that I choose a fabric that’s a bit forgiving and won’t show every piece of Timmy’s white fur (ie solid colours that white fur will show up on OUT!) or Villenelle’s fluffy black hair or Elliott’s tan hair. Oh dear. So patterns seemed a good idea. It was really hard to find any upholstery fabric that a) I could afford and b) liked. In the end I got some quilting fabric that was on sale at $4 per metre.

I had a bit of a look around for a pattern on the net but couldn’t find any and in the end just simply dismantled the existing cover. It had batting, which I haven’t sewn before, but I just used the existing batting as the pattern and replaced the fabric. I couldn’t find a fabric that I liked that was quite long enough so I had to buy some extra length and match it up – oh boy was that a task and a half. How come I am always attracted to one way patterned fabric that I end up having to match? Yowzers. I managed to do it somehow

Here’s the finished product.

It’s a little busy looking I think, but I’m going to try and tone it down with some simpler looking cushions. I’m worried it’s going to all look a little too country patchwork for my liking but I was thinking perhaps if I made some contrast cushions or something highlighting the light grey in the fabric, it’d be nice.

What do you think? Think it might be too busy for the cushions?

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I am thinking one red velvet cushion; one plain grey wool/ wool tweed or wide grey and cream stripes if you can find it (to pick up the curtains) and then maybe you could get away with the grey bird fabric. But otherwise I think it will look too busy.

To stop it looking country patchwork, I’d steer towards really luxe cushions (hence the velvet; and maybe chuck some big crystal buttons on one) so it looks sort of baroque-ish instead?

Well done Moo. Reusing old furniture is the best way to go. It looks better than new.


I love it! I actually would do the cushions in that bird-print fabric, because I am a FAN of busy.

I think block colours – or it may be too busy. I think it is a great pattern but you don’t want to make it too much. I can’t see the rest of the room but maybe a deep colour may work. Cushions are great – I must get some more.
XX Chris

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