Eat In – Create a Yummy Yard! (Building Garden Beds From Scratch)

Posted on: November 6, 2008

I love this random photo I found on Flickr. No, it’s not my yard – I wish!

I’ve mentioned the fabulous resource website – Sustainable Gardening Australia (or SGA) before. They have teamed up with some nurseries to create a campaign called Yummy Yards whereby they sell starter kits from participating nurseries around Australia for beginner veggie gardeners.

They also have just put up some fantastic factsheets on different kinds of raised veggie beds you can make, what you need to make them and how to put it together. Oh I wish this had been around when we were researching how to make our beds this time last year. We really have like ZERO DIY knowledge. You couldn’t get two more UN-handy people.

We ended up buying some bluestone and just lining them up next to each other to make the beds. A good thing seeing we’re probably going to end up moving it after the summer so we can get more sunlight on the patch.

Bluestone Beds

But these worksheets give very basic instructions on four different ways of setting up your Yummy Yard for different tastes, situations and budgets:

– Edge Barrier Garden

Edge Barrier Garden

Edge Barrier Garden

– Galvanised Tank Garden

Galvanised Tank Garden

Galvanised Tank Garden

– Sleeper Garden

Sleeper Garden

Sleeper Garden

– Pot or Container Garden

Container Garden

Container Garden

Each worksheet also has a list of the pros and cons of each system so well worth a read even if you have your own beds set up already!


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