Rainy days are the best sewing days

Posted on: November 23, 2008

P1010018.JPG, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.
This spring weather is just crazy! 30 degrees one moment, 16 and showers the next. I swear I heard hail. Not that I’ll complain though. Not only did the welcome rain give the garden a nice big soak, but it also gave me some quality sewing time. It’s been a long time between clothing stitches.
I managed to refashion three vintage finds this weekend. I have a whole crate full of op shop dresses, skirts and shirts that I have been meaning to work on since… forever. My crate of shame. I’m slowly making a dent into it.

P1010021.JPG, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.

P1010015.JPG, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.

The dress featured above was originally an oversized long sleeve shirt dress. I did love the sleeves but despite taking it in at the sides and trying to slim the sleeves somewhat, it still looked a bit large and shapeless on me, even cinched in with a big belt. So I decided just to turn it into and out and out summer dress. I only ever wear it in summer anyway

I used an old pattern to get the shape for the front neckline and casing for the neck strap. I made the neck strap out of fabric from the sleeves. The straps tie behind my neck

For the back I decided to just make a casing for some thick elastic. And then I brought the hem up that was rather wonky anyway, and brought it to knee skimming length. I’m all about knee skimming at the moment!


P1010005.JPG, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.

P1010009.JPG, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.

These are two skirts I have been meaning to alter for a while, so I can actually wear! Do you think the top one is too dowdy? It’s so nice and warm though. I think it looks a little frumpy because of the pleats in such heavy fabric – and while I was altering it I realised I think it had been altered before. It was originally a size 16 and I’m a size 10/12. If I was to take out some of the pleats though I’d have to unstitch the whole thing pretty much and recut a new pattern and I don’t know that I can be bothered. Hopefully I can get away with just funking it up with accessories and a good pair of shoes (flats of course, can’t wear heels to save my life).

This skirt at the bottom was originally a REALLY LONG corduroy skirt. I’m talking like ankle length. Who on earth would want an ankle length corduroy skirt? I just love the print on it though. I cut so much off the bottom that I am going to try and make a little top out of it so together it will look like a dress – a 2 piece. I think there should definitely be enough for a bodice with thick shoulder straps and I’d like to make it button up on the front, with nice bold coral coloured buttons, to match the flowers on the front. I’ll keep you posted. At least in the meantime I can finally wear the skirt.

I’m really loving my cutting table – it’s made such a huge difference. I have it sitting against the wall and I can just flip out one half of it when I need a cutting space but not a huge one like when you’re cutting out a dress pattern. And it’s really handy to sit at do unpicking at or anything that would usually have my straining my neck looking down. Gosh, what a nanna I am. But seriously, sewing is a seriously unergonomic hobby!


3 Responses to "Rainy days are the best sewing days"

Very clever!

I love the ‘dowdy’ skirt in the middle… I have a similar shaped one, that I op shopped and luckily didn’t have to alter, but I pretend I’m a primary school art teacher… and I think you’ll have a similar look wearing that one! “Now, children….”

It totally hailed at my house on Saturday! EEK!


Oooooh, love that top dress- I’m a big fan of toile de joiy! AND a big fan of patterned corduroy so I’m loving the bottom skirt too! I can’t wait to see what you do with the offcuts.

Love the blue color!

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