Ah to be shir, to be shir

Posted on: November 30, 2008

Thanks to the Craftstylish blog for showing me how easy it is to create elastic shirring and giving me the inspiration for these two vintage refashions this weekend.

Exhibit A:

Once upon a time this was a long sleeved dress. I bought it off ebay because it had a pussy bow neck, and I had just seen The Secretary and I was obsessed with all things pussy bow. But when I got it home I realised it looked a bit more Little House On The Prairie than hot librarian on me. To pull it off I’d have to a lot taller, a lot skinnier and be able to wear HEELS. And I’ve been looking at it guiltily ever since.

This was a bit of a freeform hack job I have to admit. But, well I figure that can be it’s charm. I took my scissors to it and then faked a rolled hem by doing a zigzag stitch about 1/2 stitch length around the raw edge. Did a bit of gathering and made a neck strap.

But it’s a breezy loose fitting material and I needed to do something to the back. The material seemed to delicate to put a casing for a thick band elastic like I did for my dress last weekend, so instead I decided to give this shirring stuff a go! Not a bad first effort, me thinks.

Exhibit B:


This originally was a long sleeve vintage shirt that I got on sale at Episode for next to nothing. I liked the material though I don’t really ever wear shirts. It was much too big anyway. Like I did with my dress last weekend I did some snipping, made a casing on the front and back this time, and used material from the sleeves to make shoulder straps to thread through.

It still looked a bit billowy when I tried it on so I took some more from under the armpits down to the waist and then I did a line of shirring at the waist line. I could have just sewed in some thin elastic I suppose by shirring just seemed easier!

I think shirring could end up being my new favourite cheat’s way to gather!


2 Responses to "Ah to be shir, to be shir"

Pray tell, what is a “hot librarian”. I clearly need to find out!

brilliant work on the shirring – I love that look but haven’t had much success with it so far, so I’m off to use the tutorial you’ve linked to. Great makeovers on the vintage finds too, I love a good refashioning

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