Can you help me? YES YOU CAN! (I hope)

Posted on: December 1, 2008

Oh, my overlocking woes continue. I don’t know what it is, but the heavens seem to be conspiring such that I shall not be overlocking within my own home for all of 2008.

I purchased a Janome Mylock 644D on ebay a few months ago, for almost half what you find it retailing for new. Appeared to be in excellent nick, a gentleman in a very nice well to do Eastern suburb selling it for his elderly mother-in-law who bought it but just hasn’t used it much at all. It looks like this one:

My new serger, originally uploaded by Marianne SW.

Though I used the exact same model at ThreadDen I let the machine sit in my sewing room for a couple of months before touching it. To be honest, I’m a bit afraid of the thing. I have problems occasionally jamming my sewing machine when the thread tension isn’t right, let alone a 4 thread overlocker!

First I put off touching it til I could watch the instructional video. But it was a VHS, who has a video player these days?

A month later I got Alex to get it dubbed onto dvd at school. I watched it, it made me laugh because threading the thing just seemed to complicated, no matter how calm the voice over tried to make it sound. I went cross eyed just following where the threads are supposed to go!

Then when I went to plug in the machine would you believe – they gave me the WRONG POWER CORD! I had to contact the ebay seller and cross my fingers and toes that they would still have the right cord and still care to communicate with me how I might get it now that I had already given them all my money. Thank goodness they had it and we did a swap.

Then a fortnight ago I got it home and finally worked myself up into using it to finish off a few items and it was all going wonderfully until all of a sudden, after about 2 minutes use of beautiful overlocking stitches, I realised there was no thread going through the material any longer!

I checked, I tried again – again, the needles were going up and down, the machine remained threaded with plenty of thread, it was not jamming or anything. But no stitches were appearing in the fabric.

Even when I tested just getting a chain before putting the material in, no chains were forming.

I had a look in the instruction manual but they only seem to have troubleshooting hints for SKIPPING stitches. Not ‘not making any stitches at all’. Help! Any clues what the problem might be? It was working perfectly and then just stopped. Shall I try rethreading it? (Eeep!)

Damn, I have all these Xmas gifts I want to make, including some baby clothes for some new arrivals in 2008, and I want to use soft t-shirt material but I really need the overlocker for it!


7 Responses to "Can you help me? YES YOU CAN! (I hope)"

It sounds like the machine is not threaded up properly – using the diagram can you identify which needles aren’t sewing and just rethread those ones?

Don’t be intimidated – it’s not as scary as it looks and once you get going you’ll be thrilled with your new toy.

Yeah, with overlockers it is always the bloody threading that’s the problem :o)

Which is good cos all you have to do is thread them properly, which is SO EASY… right? Do it EXACTLY in the order they say to in the DVD.

Another suggestion is to change your needles… when you’re a beginner, there’s a tendency to want to pull the material from the back, and its SUPER easy to bend the needles this way and if they are bent even just a micro-nano-millimetre… noseamsforyou!

Don’t worry, it’ll be fine :o)

This happens to me all the time! It is just a matter of one thread coming loose somewhere along the way. And whatever you do, don’t be like me and think that you can just rethread the one that got loose! You must unthread them all and start at the beginning, exactly as the instructions say.
ps. I was scared of my serger too, until I started using it and found that it really wasn’t all that hard. The hardest thing you will ever do is change the threads!

Absolutely without a doubt it is the threading! Usually when I have no stitches showing it’s because the right looper thread has magically come out of the looper. Don’t now how or why but it does.

So, check your threading and use a scrap piece of fabric to check it. Threading does get alot easier and faster the more often you do it, just think of this as practice.

One day, you’ll laugh at yourself for ever being scared of your serger.

Damn threading – it’s the death of me every time…

KNEW i could count on you guys! Thanks so much. OK (deep breath) I am going to tackle this re-threading. I can drive, surely I can rethread an overlocker right?

LOL…. I had a brother 3 thread and used it daily till some rotten so-and-so broke into my house and stole it along with many other things of course…anyway….the insurance company gave me a brand new model which was a 4 thread and for the life of me I cant stand it!!!! Gimmee back my 3 thread!!!! I have had classes to learn to use it but just cant grasp it. Curses to the theif

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