BWOF! Signing up to Burda World Of Fashion

Posted on: January 15, 2009

114 A Jacket from Burda World Of Fashion magazine Jan 2009

'114 A Jacket' from Burda World Of Fashion magazine Jan 2009

Taunted by constant mentions of this mysterious, wonderous, apparently glorious Burda World Of Fashion magazine in most of my favourite sewing blogs, I’ve finally signed up to this magazine thanks to iSubscribe gift vouchers from Teresa and Chris & Mike. Thank you, thank you!

I’m so excited. It’s produced monthly from Germany, and I am getting the English translated version. If you’re in Australia wondering how to get this, you can subscribe via iSubscribe. I once tried to subscribe via the Burda website but just received a couple of letters from them in German, presumably asking me to send money but who knows! I couldn’t understand it!

It’s not cheap ($190 for 12 months), and no doubt the current exchange rate doesn’t help. However, each magazine includes several patterns (am I correct in saying at least 10 per issue?) that you trace and use. And considering that commercial patterns can be anywhere between $8-$16 each, it’s good value. PLUS it’s up to the minute fashion and I heard that though some of the magazine patterns are made commercially available later, they don’t come out til about 2 years after they were featured in the magazine.

I’m trying not to look at back issues online because I know I will want them. I’m just going to sit tight and patiently wait for my first issue to arrive.

And can I also send a shout out to my blogging friend Emily Kate who incredibly is setting herself the task of MAKING ALL OF HER CLOTHES in 2009!  Amazing. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with, coz lady’s got some SKILLS – look at these hot trousers she made.

Alice + Olivia Vogue 2907 sewing pattern, originally uploaded by ThisIsEmilyKate.


3 Responses to "BWOF! Signing up to Burda World Of Fashion"

hehehehe last thing I expected to see when I came over to check what my pal Moo’s been up to is a pic of my bum!! :o) Thanks for the shout out!
You will NOT regret subscribing to BWOF, you can’t get better value even with our poxed exchange rate!

Oh god! I want! My birthday is next month I think I’m going to ask for a subscription. It is my dream to make as many clothes as I can. Never going to happen, but I can dream…

Sounds good, but with 2 mortgages I can only live through the internet! Post what you make though!

I’ve been making all my own clothes for 18 months since doing Wardrobe Refashion, I haven’t bought anything new in that time apart from a pair of yoga trakkies from Target! You should do it! You’re making great clothes!

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