Air on fire

Posted on: February 3, 2009

Feel the heat, originally uploaded by alexsk.
So for those of you overseas, us Australian types endured a week of 40+ degrees (Centigrade!) temperatures last week. It was HELL. Thank goodness we have airconditioning in our new house. The felt like it was on fire. The train tracks buckled causing hundreds of train cancellations in Melbourne, power blackouts were rolled out to cope with the electricity demand.
It has somewhat cooled down now but I can’t help but be depressed by the sight of so many trees throughout the city looking so burnt, and dropping their leaves like it’s Autumn. I hope the poor things hang in there and don’t keel over! I was so saddened to read the newspaper when I was Adelaide and hear about elderly people who died in their homes because they couldn’t handle the heat. Things and people are definitely not designed to cope in this kind of heat. I went to the Adelaide Big Day Out in 42 degree heat – thank goodness the two stages I spent most of my time at were under cover and airconditioned! But that didn’t stop things I had on me just falling apart in the heat. At one point I was holding my bag, and part of it came off in my hand! I was fanning myself and my fan fell apart! Is this what life is going to be like as global warming gets worse?
Our garden hasn’t suffered too badly considering. One plant I bought at the Botanic Gardens market last year was fried to a crisp out the front, poor dear. The tomatoes have had the shade of the fence and haven’t been effected too much in the heat. However our ‘Potato Harvest 2009’ has been rather depleted I fear. A substantial part of the mountain of potato plants have died. Hopefully there will still be a small harvest.
And is it any coincidence that across the globe in London today the city has been brought to a standstill with snow rather than heat?
Why aren’t people freaking out about this more??!!

4 Responses to "Air on fire"

Hi Angela. I am freeking out about it, but not many people are listening. We can only affect our own sphere of influence. We all just have to try a little harder to get the message through!


I hear you too! I live in Arizona, and we feel the heat creeping up each year.
I love following your blog and reading about your great creations! Thanks!

Count me as another freaker-outer. Climate change is HAPPENING, yo. I am hopeful though that people are starting to notice- there’s a LOT more interest these days in sustainablilty, water-tanks, alternative energy etc… it’s not just a “woolly-hippy concern” anmore, it’s entered the mainstream. Now if only Mr Rudd would get more on board with policies that reward and encourage everyone to take MORE of a personal stake…

I don’t know what more of a personal wake up call people need than FEELING THEIR OWN SKIN ON FIRE! I mean, HELLO PEOPLE!

I just don’t understand why the media weren’t jumping up and down more about it and making the connections last week. Too busy attacking Connex and our appalling public transport system which granted – is a complete mess and was shocking beyond belief last week.

But this is the reality, this could be our lives, and this could just continue to get worse. It’s nuts! How am I going to explain to my kids that we had just a week of almost getting melted but it wasn’t enough to shock the powers that be into action. They were too worried about the economy crashing but hadn’t considered we all just might melt and then no amount of money in the world would save us.

Well if we end up getting the lump sum payment from Mr Rudd, I think we will spend it on getting a rain water tank, though who knows when we will get decent rain now 😦

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