The world is my oyster, and the oyster is my world

Posted on: March 10, 2009

Swan Oyster Depot, oysters, originally uploaded by larryleenyc.

We returned from our Sydney – Melbourne coastal drive last night and we had a fine time. The Sapphire Coast is certainly a beautiful part of the world well worth the long drive to get to!

We did so much, there’s so much to share, so this is just going to be a post about food we enjoyed this past weekend.

523 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
Phone (02) 9519 1063

Cheap and tasty Maltese dinner with friends in Newtown, Sydney at the Pastizzi Cafe. I just found a great review for the place here plus these great photos on Flickr:

Pastizzis are pastries filled with a variety of different savoury and sweet fillings.

I had lentil, chilli con carne (chilli alright!) and chocolate & ricotta (yum!).

Then for main course I had the special of tortellinni in broth, as highly recommended by the waitress. Ultimate comfort food, yum!

AA’s dear high school friend who had just returned from a short visit to Latvia came along with a bottle of the ‘most lauded liqueur in Latvia’ Riga Black Balsam. And those Latvians sure know their alcohol. I just had the tiniest sip, and felt the 45% alcohol waft from my lips, tongue, throat and up my nose and out through to the top of my head! A sensation not unlike wasabi! But then it settled as a deep warmth in my chest. That stuff could keep you warm through the most bitter of winters.


23 Prince Alfred Street
Berry NSW 2535
Phone (02) 4464 1617

Next food stop was Berry, to seek out the legendary Berry Woodfired Sourdough Bakery that my friends rave about. They have a cafe where you can have lunch.

I had slow cooked pork belly with rocket and fennel salad with herb mayonnaise. The crackling was as thin and crispy as a wafer! Amazing.

P3060009 by you.

AA had panfried barramundi on a bed of baby spinach, pumpkin, tomatoes and chorizos with a light dressing:

P3060010 by you.

1 Andy Poole Drive
Tathra, NSW 2550
Phone 02 6494 1688
For a small town, I must say Tathra has some damn fine food. Saturday night we had beautiful dinner right on the beachfront at the Tathra Beach Cafe. I had some delicious deep fried, soft sheeled mud crab with thai salad, and AA had a very fine portuguese chicken with herb rice. They are only open for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights.

12 Riverview Rd
Narooma, NSW 2546
phome (02) 4476 1711

It was here I ate my first dozen oysters on Sunday. Don’t worry, I only ate two dozen oysters. Heehee, ‘only’. And no, it wasn’t in one sitting.
You’ll find Narooma Bridge Oysters on the northern side of the Narooma Bridge. Here it is from the other side of the bridge. See that sign? It had my name on it!

P3070082 by you.

You can get a tray of a dozen fresh oysters for $10 here. I figured there was no better place to eat them than by the water, under the bridge.
P3070083 by you.
And besides, I couldn’t wait. Down the hatch!
P3070084 by you.
13 Riverside Drive
Narooma, NSW 2546
Phone (02) 4476 2723

Now, if you cross the river and turn into the first street on the right, on the southern side of the bridge (Riverside Drive) and follow it along the river until you see some cafes and an awesome pirateship play gym for the kids, you’ll come across the kitschy cool Narooma Quarterdeck Marina. You can sit it its colourful interior, right on the water:

P3070094 by you.
P3070089 by you.
P3070087 by you.

P3070088 by you.

I had an entree dish of scallops with a thai style sauce. Delicious!

P3070095 by you.

AA had some gemfish fish and chips

P3070096 by you.

1 Reservoir Street
Tathra NSW 2550
Phone (02) 6494 145

My second dozen oysters for the day were from the award winning Tathra Oysters . The are down a side street so make sure to look them up on a map because you can easily miss the sign but well worth seeking out. They have won many awards, and sell their oysters is three grades – cocktail, bistro and premium. I tried the more expensive premium grade oysters but they were well worth the extra expense – so fresh and so tasty! Didn’t even need lemon.


Andy Poole Drive
Tathra, NSW 2550
Phone (02) 6494 148
Dinner on Sunday night was at Mimosa Rocks Restaurant, on the main strip in Tathra, opposite the beach. Delicious award winning woodfire oven pizza with traditional and more exotic gourmet toppings such as Tandoori Chicken, Garlic Prawn, Positano Seafood and Smoked Salmon, Spinach and Camembert and Pumpkin and Ricotta. Some of the best pizza i have had, with an ultra thin and crispy base and vibrant toppings. YUM! Sadly the owners were advertising to sell the business though so I hope someone as good takes over.
Aw, I’m hungry now.

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Egads – can you move. Such a lot of food and such delicious sounding food.
I couldn’t cope.

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