Posted on: March 17, 2009

P6182248.JPG by you.
I was just going through some old photos of Timmy and I realised this one that was taken not that long ago, clearly displays the bell we found squashed, on the road where the dead cat had been seen.
So it was Timmy.
At least we know now.
I’m thinking of contacting the local Leader Newspaper. The pet registrations are due in our Council area. Perhaps I can get them to run a story. I know having my pet registered didn’t do anything for me in the end, but perhaps they could also take the angle of what to do if you find a lost or dead pet and the responsible thing to do (ie contact the owner!).
I have to think it’s possible for SOME good to come of this at least. It could be just preaching to the converted but maybe it could prevent someone else being left in limbo if this happened to them.

5 Responses to "Closure"

I am so sorry for your loss, and especially the way it happened.

Something similar happen to a cat of mine a long time ago, but I was not nearly so responsible and he had not identification. It is very sad, indeed, that you did the responsible thing but no one else did..


I thinkt he local newspaper thing is a good idea 🙂

Oh you poor darling! What a sad weekend!

I agree, you should totally get a local paper onto it! Especially with the angle that you did all the right things, so we (other community members) should too.

Take care and lucky you have your lovely photos of him, so you can always remember!


Sorry to hear about Timmy. Not a nice way to lose a friend.

sorry about your loss :[ what a cutie though… i want another cat to cuddle especially with winter coming up

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