Getting To The Point

Posted on: March 23, 2009

pin cushion after use by alleluja.
Tomorrow I am going for my first ever acupuncture session. Bit scary but I have high hopes. For a good few years now I have been intermittently getting these awful hormone headaches and as I get older they seem to be getting worse. I am talking about awful, long lingering pain on the surface of my head that sneaks up and then takes hold for sometimes days at a time. As it grows stronger I bizarrely develop what I have dubbed ‘bionic nose’ and I can just smell EVERYTHING and it makes me really nauseaus. I quite often have to go home if I’m at work and it’s really bad. And it gets rather embarrassing. It’s not really the type of thing you can talk about with your two older male bosses you’ve nicknamed ‘The Dads’. I’ve been told by doctors that if I just got pregnant and had a kid, your hormone levels pretty much ‘reset’ themselves because of the massive changes in your body and I’d probably be fine afterwards. Pregnancy and child birth as a form of pain relief! Now there’s a new concept. Though I have to say, in my darkest, most desperate moments of pain, it’s a pretty tempting one.
The medication traditionally prescribed to treat them is really strong so I went to see a naturopath and have been taking a variety of disgusting tasting herbal concoctions and while I think they have been helping with my general health and probably keeping me
going considering how run ragged I am at work at the moment.
However they haven’t helped the hormone headaches, which feel like they are just a force in a league of their own. I have been so stressed out and naughtily not been going to yoga since Xmas and my body is like a wound up coil. I knew it was bad when I went to get a Thai massage and when the masseuse tried to stretch my shoulders and my body barely moved – and she packed up laughing at me! Yes, it’s ridiculous. So I went sheepishly to my osteopath who at this point usually berates me for not looking after myself. And when she asked about my hormone headaches and I told her that I’m at a loss of what to do, she suggested acupuncture. She said it can help regulate your hormone levels and I had a bit of a look online and low and behold. Who’d have thunk it!
Anyway, I have HIGH HOPES. I was recommended this acupuncturist through a friend of a friend who had severe back pain and is now managing it virtually medication free.. So I looked him up and found this article. I’m hoping I’ll be getting laser acupuncture tomorrow because I’m a wuss but I forgot to ask. I feel like I should just be able to turn up with a list of ailments and he’ll be able to stick needles into the corresponding spots and hey presto, they’re disappear! Wouldn’t that be nice. But I don’t quite think it works like that.
Have any of you tried acupuncture before?

3 Responses to "Getting To The Point"

I have gotten acupuncture-and I would do it again if it didn’t cost so much. I have terrible allergies. Someone recommended trying acupuncture for it-I thought, why not-I’ve tried everything else! The needles DON’T hurt-it’s more I was scared to move where they were at because I didn’t want them to fall out. Not that that would probably have happened-just an irrational thing on my part, I’m sure. But no pain, just a very slight sensation. And it did help! For several months. Like I said I wish I could do it again! Good luck!

Hi Moo. I have had acupuncture many time. I used it to cure labrynthitis (inner ear disorder), and for back pain during my recent injury. I believe it works well.

Best of luck today.


I never had it done, I hope it works for you, the headaches sound very dis-abling! All the best!

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