You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…

Posted on: April 28, 2009

Just a quick post to say I went to an info night at Maribyrnong Council last night about a solar panel group-buy proposal from Eco-Kinetics and I’ve registered my interest in getting a 1KW PV system! Fingers crossed we meet all the requirements for the system but I’m pretty sure we will.

If we do, that’s what AA and I will be using our stimulus package for. To stimulate the economy and the planet!

I’m by no means an expert on this topic. I only happened to stumble across the info that the council were even having a talk when I saw it on the council homepage last week.

I read the FAQ and the Group Proposal documents and thought it sounded interesting. I had also heard people talking about it on RRR a few weeks back and had been meaning to look into it a bit more.

For those of you that don’t know the Government are changing the current rebate system for solar panels as of July 1. And if you are able to claim the current rebate (it’s means tested and you need a combined income of less than $100k/ py), the new system isn’t going to be anywhere nearly as financially attractive to you.

So it’s bit of a last chance to be able to claim the $8000 rebate under the current system. If our house and set up means we can have a standard installation for a double storey house, it will cost us about $300 for a monocrystalline system after the rebate or $2050 for an amorphous system (but the latter requires more roof space).

We have a double story house. We are eligible and come in under the means test and haven’t claimed a rebate for this before etc. But now we have registered a site inspector will come out and give us a quote and see if ours will be a ‘standard installation’ which includes a number of things such as if we have 8m2 of north facing, non shaded roof space (I believe we do), roof pitch les than 25 degrees, tile or metal roof (no slate), existing switchboard wiring conforms to Australian standards and a few other things. Fingers crossed. If we have 12.5m2 of north facing, non shaded roof space (hm, don’t think we do) we could go for the cheaper system.

Anyway if you live in Melbourne and this is something you want to look further into here are some links that could help. You need to get onto it pronto though. With Eco-Kinetics for example, registrations of interest need to be received by 15th May in order for the site inspections and quotes and paperwork to be done by June 30.

CHOICE article ‘solar panels – counting the costs’
Maribyrnong Council:
Maribyrnong Council: Solar Panels Bulk Purchase Deal for Maribyrnong Residents
Solar Homes and Communities Plan Rebate

If you don’t live in Maribyrnong but are still interested in seeing if you’re eligible, I suggest giving Eco-Kinetics a call and seeing if your council is involved coz they seem to be doing it for quite a number of councils across Melbourne. Or just call your council and ask if anyone is organising a group-buy of solar panels.

Eco-Kinetics – Nicole Hind (03) 9708 6714


3 Responses to "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…"

My parents are looking into getting set up with solar panels right now! I would too if we owned a house- quite apart from the enviro-fabulousness of the whole thing, its so space-age COOL!!!! I’ll totally be jealous if you get some :o)

Well done Moo! Solar PV is just simply fantastic. Kim often catches me out in the garden staring at the panels up on the garage roof. So cool, and so green. And you electricity bill will go down substantially!


I just wnated to let you all know that I had heard that eco-kinetics were importing cheap solar panels from China and then rebranding them. They then made up bogus conpliance certificates and got the government rebates paid to them. That must be how they can do such a cheap install. I wonder how mwny of their systems will still be working after the company disappears in a couple of years time.

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