fighting the winter blues the best way i know how – ginger tea!

Posted on: July 3, 2009

[image from flickr]

We are back from Bali and we had the most wonderful time. Ate ourselves silly and didn’t get Bali belly once! Had jumbo prawns the length of a dinner plate, fresh snapper right on the beach, delicious Balinese fair. Beautiful gardens. Massages every second day. Snorkelling amongst coral. So many friendly faces! Can’t wait to return.

It has been ever so hard to be back in bleak, cold, miserable Melbourne. Especially when I got struck hard by some kind of cold a week after returning, that wasn’t the swine flu but had me bedridden for a week, exhausted from coughing and light headed from blowing my nose. Proof I should have stayed in sunny, warm Bali!

Oh well, we returned with packs of ginger tea and Bali coffee and we’re determined to stay busy and avoid the winter blues slump we fell into for a month last year after returning from European summer. Must power on the best way we can – with cups of ginger tea, fruit muffins, dvds and for me, lots of sewing! I had Mum’s little baby workhorse Elna serviced for the first time ever – though they told me she had been very well maintained, but told me off for not using Elna bobbins. Who’d have thought it would make a difference?! I certainly didn’t know.

I’m rearranging the sewing room, splashed out and got myself a fancy ergonomic office chair which I have reupholstered already too. And will be trying my hand at some lingerie and fine fabric sewing the next two weeks.

Hope you’re all staying warm, my lovelies! More from me soon.

xo MOO!


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