What is WRONG with people?!

Posted on: July 17, 2009

I was so upset by this story I just stumbled across by accident last night, I couldn’t sleep.

I really hope they catch the despicable person who did this!

Who could attack a defenseless, 8 week old puppy with a pair of scissors and then abandon it alive and in excrutiating pain in a SCHOOLYARD of all places?! Who could possibly have done this to a puppy and ignored his anguished cries of pain and not stopped?

It really makes me so ill. Seriously, what is WRONG with people?

I really feel for the staff at The Lost Dogs home who treated poor little Buckley. I was so distressed just reading about it, I’m sure those poor staff need counselling.

I visited the Lost Dog’s Home a couple of months ago when our cat Timmy went missing. We didn’t find him unfortunately but it did give us the opportunity to see a bit of the valuable work they do there.

Seeing some of the animals they need to rescue because of human stupidity I’m going to give them a large chunk of my tax return this year.

It’s all just so depressing and overwhelming. All these animal welfare organisations are inundated with dumped and injured animals. Why people don’t respect animals more is just beyond me. But still, to do something small at least is much better than doing nothing just because it seems  overwhelming. We can’t turn a blind eye to these things.

But really, there are some days I really feel my faith in humanity fading… 


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