Wake me up when it’s Spring

Posted on: August 11, 2009

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I am such a sad sap in winter. The thing with keeping a blog is you can look back to a year ago and realise the patterns of your behaviour! Oh gawd, I’m so predictable.

Another winter, another season of feeling like it’s too cold to do anything! Is this what they all the ‘winter blues’? It’s like energy levels just PLUMMET. Do any of you have tips to not turn into hibernation mode throughout winter? I feel like I need a winter coach or something! Winter support group, ha!

Still, this year was no where near as bad as last year. In 2008 the high of spending three weeks in the European summer was followed by the the extreme come down of a brutal Melbourne winter. This year whilst in Bali we made the decision we wouldn’t allow that to happen again when we got back.

But still, it’s so cold. I am sure it has to do with the wind here. It’s sooooo dry, you can feel it suck the moisture and life out of everything it passes over!

It’s so hard to get oneself moving which is terrible because it’s precisely what you need to do to survive the season. Instead, my body is so cold and stiff that I’ve started developing some worrying signs of RSI in my wrist and arms because I sit at my computer most of the day. Bah! And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that it’s been nigh on impossible to get a massage with anything less than a few day’s notice, if not a week. Seems everyone else has been just as bad.

Still, like I did last year, as winter comes to a close, I realise how bad I have been, and I am committing myself to come out guns blazing in the new season. To yoga myself out of this rut, garden til my soul’s defrosted and remind myself we’re not put on this earth to sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day!

And as for the RSI, 30 years old is just much too young to start becoming a cripple. Though I did feel like one the other week. I ached, from my wrist right up through to my elbow. I saw my osteopath and she told me my forearm was so knotted it was like a rock and massaged my forearm, whilst exclaiming in frustration ‘I am going to get the blood flowing in this arm if it kills me!’ Scary. Anyway, I am sure that not doing yoga for months really has not helped this situation at all. Stoopid me.

But in the meantime I am doing everything I can to turn this situation around into something more manageable. A regime of regular osteopathy, remedial massage, acupuncture AND regular breaks whilst at the computer, muscle and nerve stretches my osteo has taught me AND bought a trackball seeing my ergonomic mouse really hasn’t made that much difference coz it still means using my right arm for hours on end. And worst come to worst – as it did a few nights ago, I’m supposed to use an icepack at night (or plunge my arm into ice cold water! avoiding that one at all costs!) if my tendons are swollen. I feel like 30 going on 70.

Saw my acupuncturist today too and I told him where I have been feeling the strain in my wrist and arms. He says what I have is called ‘golfer’s elbow‘ (different from tennis elbow I guess!) or medial epicondilytis.

He had a feel of my arms zapped me in all the knotty spots with the acupuncture laser. In fact it was the most amount of zaps I’ve received in one session, I felt a little woozy afterwards and with all that laser, I wouldn’t be surprised if I start glowing in the dark tonight!

And I found some great yoga exercises on Youtube that I have started doing throughout the day. I love Youtube! You really can find almost anything on there:

YOGATIC channel on youtube:

If we’re going to make the kids of today lug laptops around and make them type more rather than handwrite things, they really ought to start teaching proper ergonomics I say! My boss claims that every woman he knows who can speed type properly has developed some kind of carpal tunnel or RSI type of problem. Whilst those who type very slowly with the 2 finger technique don’t seem to have the same problems! Hm.

It really has made me realise just how little there is you can do without the use of your hands and arms too. So frustrating. Must learn to crochet with toes! There’s probably a video for that on youtube.

In the meantime, if anyone has some tip to help brainwash myself into incorporating physical activity into my daily life without it being such a huge motivational battle, please share!


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You know what *fixes* my RSI? Gwa sha. My chiropractor did it to me. It’s a Chinese massage therapy where you use the edge of a flat stone to massage up and down the arms. Hard. Really, really hard. Like, usually I would take something to bit down on so I didn’t scream. If you do it hard enough (ie, properly) you get these tiny little pinprick bruises all over your arm. And as the bruising goes away (a couple of days) so does the RSI pain. The Chinese medicine theory is that you’re moving stagnant chi out of the muscles (the bruises). The modern explanation is that you break down the scar tissue of all the little microtears in the muscle that cause pain, and get blood flowing to heal all the little tears up… I dunno. It works!

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