catching up with the ladies

Posted on: September 16, 2009

[image from flickr]

I must apologise to my stitching sisters out there, I have been letting the team down. I haven’t sewn anything in MONTHS. Don’t think it’s not weighing down on my conscious though. That massive fabric stash I have to guiltily walk by every time I enter the office/ sewing room. To my shame, I still have fabrics I purchased in Paris and Lisbon that I haven’t touch. Terrible!
Anyway, hoping to get back onto the bandwagon. And if ANYONE is going to be able to kick me into action it’s surely got to be the veritable Veronica Darling! The incredible lady is in Melbourne at the moment so we’re going to be able to meet up for the first time, after reading each other’s blogs the past year, and I’m most excited. Lady drinks ahoy!
VD has been steadily working her way towards a goal of MAKING 100 OUTFITS! Amazing huh. AND even more amazing – she’s up 97 outfits now!!!!! Mon dieu!
I particularly love the pieces that she has also blogged on my favourite Sew Retro group blog. There’s been some inspiring activity over on that site recently.
Well now that the temperature is heating up, I’m sure to need some new summer frocks so will have to make the time to fire up the freshly serviced Elna shortly!
In the meanwhile, go check out


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