a ‘blitz too soon

Posted on: September 29, 2009

I turned down a Permablitz at our house today! It’s a bit too soon. We were offered a ‘blitz in November but we’re in the midst of wedding planning because we’re trying to get on top of it all early.

But it was nice to be offered already! I’ve been to four Permablitzes now and am just enjoying attending them, meeting other like minded people and learning valuable skills.

I think we will try and schedule one at our place after the wedding – a ‘newly weds Permablitz’ because really – it would be the best wedding present EVER!

And seeing we shamefully STILL haven’t gotten around to getting our rainwater tank we’re thinking perhaps we could ask people to put money towards us getting a rainwater tank for our wedding present. Rainwater tank and a chook run, ah I’d be so happy! Though, for the record we’re not just thinking of ourselves. We’re figuring out a way we can ask our guests to not just spend money on us, but to split it and to make a donation towards a charity as well, perhaps we could find a project we feel particularly connected to and raise money for it.

So perhaps an Autumn blitz in May, otherwise we could wait til August because that seems to be a good time – you can still get those bare rooted fruit trees in the ground then!

Tomorrow I am attending my first ‘Permaculture Out West‘ meeting to see what they are all about. There seems to be a real burst of permaculture, social and community type activity in the west at the moment. It’s tremendously inspiring!


1 Response to "a ‘blitz too soon"

Hi there!

I have to say thanks, I’ve found your blog tremendously useful and inspirational…I stumbled across it just recently when I was Googling for some information in my area (I can’t remember what now, but it must have been something about gardening or food, and I ended up on your marvellous Food Safari post).

I also bought in West Footscray/Maidstone a year ago (first home owner, having recently moved back to Melbourne), and I had been busy looking – as a gardening novice – into the Permablitz community, locating places to buy soil, googling places like BAAG’s gardening classes etc, signing up for the SGA newsletter, keeping an eye on the Maribyrnong council initiatives, reading up for the first time on mulches and native grasses, and consulting with family and friends who garden etc.

So, it was quite marvellous and uncanny to see that in a parallel universe in my own area, someone has been doing the very same, and with so much success. Surreal.

I have a crazily busy work life, with limited spare time…and I haven’t been able to participate in a Blitz yet as I had hoped to …. instead I’ve just contacted BAAG to sign up for a gardening mentor. I’m really looking forward to it giving me a push, as I slowly dig up the lawn at my place to plant it out with natives.

Thanks very much for sharing your gardening resources….no doubt our path might coincide at one of the local Permaculture events or Blitzes at some stage. My impression is there’s a great community in the area doing the very same, which I look forward to tapping into.

best wishes, Natasha

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