moo loves you! – win a free Diggers Club 6 month membership

Posted on: October 19, 2009

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Hope you all had splendid weekends! I meditated, saw a dance production at Melbourne International Arts Festival, did a permaculture workshop class and cooked Kosheri from the Ottolenghi cookbook. (If you don’t have this cookbook, I am telling you HUNT IT DOWN!)

I’m about to put my Diggers Club order in to claim my free membership seeds. I also am ordering a few books, and coz my order totals over $75 I can claim a free 6 month Diggers Club membership to give as a gift to someone. (I do not ‘gift’ as a verb!)

So I thought I’d share the love with some dear reader. Membership means you will get their quarterly seed catalogues of hundreds of delicious, jaw droppingly exotic heirloom vegies that will inspire you to get out into your yard and food garden to your hearts delight! The catalogues also have some great articles in them. You will get a discount on all the items in their catalogue and you get some free seeds from them as well. Plus membership gives you free entry to their gardens (in Victoria, Australia – Heronswood down in Dromana, near Mornington and St Erth near Daylesford).

If you’d like the 6 month membership, please leave me a comment, tell me where you’re from, what you like reading on my blog, anything really. I love hearing from my readers! I’ll randomly pick a winner this week.


2 Responses to "moo loves you! – win a free Diggers Club 6 month membership"

Hi 🙂 Putting my hand up for diggers membership 🙂

I love reading about permablitzes when I can’t get to them! It energises me and inspires me and helps me to not forget who I am and what I love. As a recently married instant-mother-of-three that’s pretty important to me right now, because it’s easy to forget 🙂 Right now I’ve put aside my holistic lifestyle aspirations in order to simply get the hang of life with a family of five. I have high hopes for the future, though, and your blog helps keep that hope alive.

I live in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne and I love to read local Melbourne blogs (and I’ve been thinking about getting a Diggers membership for years).

Hi Angela,

you might have seen my kids at permablitzes 🙂 They’ve been to a few, and love love love to help. We’re on a permablitz hiatus because I’m overwhelmed, but once I get my head above water again we will be back!

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