I’m 29.

I live in Maidstone, in the inner western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

I have a boyfriend, a menagerie and a whopping big mortgage.

I work in music. As well as listening to music & seeing my favourite bands live, I also love to cook, eat, sew and garden. Not exactly the rock’n’roll lifestyle. More ‘indie rock nanna’.

This blog is about:

Things I make – altered vintage clothes, sewing projects, crafty gifts, cooking and whatever else I turn my hands to

Things I grow – or rather WE grow as it’s very much a joint effort between my boyfriend and I. We have built a no dig vegie patch and planted out a native garden from scratch.

I’ll also be putting up tips we pick up on the way as we try and live more environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyles!



3 Responses to "About"

Hi Angela,

Thanks for the comments you posted at my foodnstuff blog. Glad you like it. Now I have found yours and will check it out. Seems like we have similar interests, esp native gardens and growing food.


Hi Angela,

I found out about your site while reading Greening of Gavin’s latest blog post on cheese making and must say that I love everything you’re doing here. It seems as though you have a lot going on (in a good way), but if you ever find a little spare time and would like to cyber-mingle with a bunch of eco-inspired people who LOVE to dabble in the same kind of gardening, crafting and other pastimes that you do, would you consider joining I think that you would TOTALLY fit into the community and suspect that we could all learn a lot from you. Plus, it would be great free publicity for your nifty site here. You can even just re-post items from Moo I Made It that you think green-minded readers might dig. Either way, if you decide to join up, a tree will automatically be planted in your honor, so that’s a nice bonus right out of the gates!! Please think about it and if you decide to hop on board, please look for me in the Greenwala community!!

Best wishes (and congrats on your wedding!!),

Elizah Leigh 🙂

Hi Angela,

My name’s Kate. I run an Australian based online wedding registry website service. I’ve been following your wedding blog and twitter updates with interest, and thought I’d drop you a line to say hi.

If you’ve got a moment to check out my site, that would be great. Maybe it’s something you and your fiance would be interested in using.

Anyway. Keep up the great work with your blog.

All the best


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