Got too much of a good thing? Maybe you’d care to swap!

Posted on: November 25, 2008

Vegetables Gemuese, originally uploaded by Sandra Mora.

The monthly Western Urban Orchard Swap Meet at Grasslands in Footscray  has been going for a tiny little while now but I was so excited to see it got some mainstream coverage in The Age today!

It happens on the first Saturday of each month and you just bring whatever excess produce you want to share – people have brought batches of silverbeet, trays of seedlings, eggs, even some sourdough to swap with other growers as well as meet other edible gardeners and trade knowledge as well! Such a brilliant idea. And I love that it’s happening in the West.

The organiser Neesh, was one of the participants in the Open Veggie Garden day that happened about a month ago. And Grasslands is this fantastic little organic store on Nicholson Street, that you really wouldn’t know was there unless someone told you. We were getting a weekly box of fruit and veg delivered to us from them for a while too.

I must take some photos of our patch this weekend. You would not believe how high our potato stack is now, Alex has had to top it up twice now with pea straw. It will be as tall as us soon, hopefully the sunlight is being blocked and hopefully we can find a way to store them properly!

The zucchini and squash are pummelling along like crazy, Alex pruned back the tomatoes last night to ensure bigger fruit and stronger yield, and it’s great to see most of our chilli plants made it through the winter and are nice and green again.

I am most excited that my black passionfruit has finally germinated though – apparently it can take up to 45 days to germinate but mine is showing it’s first set of leaves, yay! Plus have some more tomatoes (black russian) and eggplant listada di gandia – have you seen them? They look like this:

Diggers Club Egglant Listada Di Gandia

Another pleasant surprise in our garden has been this incredible flower from a succulent I was given by my Auntie Nancy. I have no idea what it is but I came home one day to this incredible sight!

P1010003-500.JPG, originally uploaded by mooimadeit.


4 Responses to "Got too much of a good thing? Maybe you’d care to swap!"

I had a Listada eggplant last year, and I only got one eggplant off two plants, and it was little and weird and manky and we didn’t eat it 😦 Heaps of pretty flowers, but none set into fruit. No idea why, as our climate is supposed to be perfect.

Very good layout. Cool man.


That succulent looks like a “Lady of the Night” (sorry I don’t know its latin name)…I have one as well…their flowers smell fantastic & if you have the time to watch them open up that is a sight to see.

If you want to make more plants it is as easy as taking one ‘leaf’ and planting it in a pot.

Lovely blog!

Ooh, looks like you have a lovely Epiphyllum. Probably an oxypetalum. I’ve had mine for years but I just can’t get it to bloom. Good job!

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